Q: How to prepare and pack for shipping? A: Is the bike apart? If so you are about half way done. If not you will want to take it apart first, please do not ship or attempt to deliver a whole bike, you will want to seek the advise or expertise of a qualified mechanic, or yourself, to disassemble the motorcycle to get the sheet metal off the bike. Drain the tank and wipe any grease off. Place the sheet metal individually in a large clean garbage bag, once piece at a time. try to remove as much air as possible out of the bag and then seal it well. Then place item in a box with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper, the garbage back will prevent the packing peanuts from getting in the tank as well as not leaking any fumes. Fenders do not need to be as sealed but you still do not want to risk getting anything dinged during shipping. Plan on the box getting crushed, so if it does get tossed around, you will not incur any damage. Also insure the sheet metal for what it costs to get replaced. Odds are good that nothing will happen, but in the event it does, the shipping companies are real good for trying to blame the packaging, if it is well packaged and you have insurance, you will have no disappointments.
Q: How long does it take to get back? A: That really just depends on our work load and the amount of details you want. A simple 3 piece set single color in the middle of summer may only take a few days, but a full dresser in the middle of winter may take 4-6 weeks, possible longer.
Q: Do you ship out of the country? A: We have painted bikes from around the world, payment options vary depending on certain countries, but we do ship globally and do require all export documents and fees be paid by you and we can surely work something out.
Q: How to care for the bike after it has been painted? A: During the first few months after you get your paint back, you will want to be a little more careful, do not use abrasive cleaners or solvent cleaners or waxes, we do not recommend pressure washing ever.